Last night I won lotto

I'll take one..

I have been playing the big Australian lottos on line for 6 months or so and prior to moving to Cambodia I used to buy the odd ticket at the News-agency. Some people ( like my mate Gottfried the Snow Wog ) believe Lottos are a tax in stupidity. I am ever the optimist and believe someone has to win so it might as well be me and I dream of the life after winning. Nice holiday with the family, helping family out, a huge Bentley etc . After a sickening episode some years ago where I watched a guy I worked with win close to $2m  ( who coincidentally was  an alcoholic, gambling fraudster) I really had to start playing.

Last night was a $5m draw and this morning there was an email in my Hotmail in-box from Oz Lottos which I will cut and past here. Needless to say I almost choked on my coffee when I got to the *Winning Ticket!* part.

It goes without saying I plan on spending it all at once……..


Here are your results for Powerball Draw 708: 

 --> Main numbers: 29 24 42 4 44 

 --> Powerball: 39  

Ticket C670-4FF9-7A4B-CA83 (20 x Powerball Standard) was a *Winning Ticket!*

Wager #4726-47266308-12 ; 1 x Division 7 (AUD $12.60) = AUD $12.60

Total Prize: AUD $12.60

Your prize will be credited to your account.
You can make a withdrawal or purchase more tickets here:
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2 Responses to Last night I won lotto

  1. LaudJohn says:

    Gottfried the Snow Wog is a wise man .. you on the other hand…. ………. BTW, you used all your luck up when you met your wife!

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