Phnom Penh Fight Club ;December

Bring on the xmas biff

Last Saturday the PPFC made another trip out to CTN Studios to watch skinny guys pummel each other into submission. This time we had some extra heads with us so two tuk tuks were procured. After a mad scramble for beer and ice ( we really must train our tuk tuks up !) we were soon arriving ringside and popping beers. The betting action came thick and fast once the local lads realised we were present. I won my first bet and then took all comers on the next fight due to a lack of willing participants . Turns out the reason there was no-one betting on my guy was because he had been sick the day before. Alarm bells started ringing as I was now covering a 40,000r bet. He got absolutely smashed by a nuggety little guy in black. Damn. The beers flowed, the cash likewise and on the last fight I took back some of my money when Mr Black came out for his second fight and yet again demolished his opponent. Thankfully there was no repeat of last months traffic jam near the Japanese bridge and were soon drinking more cold beer at Shiva Shack which turned into Liquid Bar which turned into Garage Bar which turned into…er…um..????

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