One door shuts and another opens…hopefully !

This is me right now "I don't want to talk about it or think about it !"

Looks like I am back out on the plains with the wild animals again. Last week I got a little surprise when I was told my contract would not be renewed here at work. Ouch. Happy Christmas. I now have until Jan 30 2010 to find me a new gig. It’s a bit worrying ( read ; making me sick to the stomach ) with a family to support but I have been here before and I suppose all things happen for a reason right ? RIGHT ? Anyhooooo….we have a couple of irons warming up in the fire already. One solid local opportunity and one massive offshore opportunity brewing that would see us over in the Philippines. I don’t want to leave Cambodia if it can be helped but the reality is that well paid work here is very hard to find and I am not interested in schlepping it and struggling.

One thing being in this situation makes you do is weigh up all the pros and cons of living in Cambodia and life in general and for me, I can say I now realise I love living here despite the uncertainty of it all and the precariousness of employment etc. With a decent job and regular income, you can really live well here and it is good fun. We are settled, we love our house, we have good friends and are surrounded by loving family. I speak enough khmer now to get more out of the experience than when I first arrived and in general life here is very cruisy. The flip sides of the coin and what leaving would entail are a bit scary to think about but as the provider, I am going to have to do whatever it takes to…well…provide !

So stay tuned……hopefully all will be well and life will go on here. If not…………..


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3 Responses to One door shuts and another opens…hopefully !

  1. Goyzer says:

    best of luck pal , hope it all works out for you. Maybe Australia beckons…….

  2. LaudJohn says:

    Sorry to hear that .. but at least they have given you 2 months notice .. It was a sweet and well paid gig. Time to use those Australian Cambodian Business Assn contacts!

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