The Phnom Penh Fight Club

Men only need apply

A very quite Friday night saw me up and about at 7a.m on Saturday morning all sprightly. A quick visit over to Mum’s place to see Grace who was having a sleepover,followed by a healthy breakfast and the papers at Aussie XL and I was then hitting the gym at 10am. By midday I was home having a salad when Murph called. “Wanna come to the kick boxing?”. Why not I said and so it was off to CTN studio with 5 Aussie lads and a carton of beer in an esky for the afternoon. We arrived just in time for the first bout and with no seats left, it was a stand up affair which would soon prove the best way to view it.

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI

After the first fight the boys testosterone was flowing and I asked if anyone wanted to have a punt on the fights. As it turned out all the lads felt like a flutter and our group was soon drawing more betting action than the bookies who were running around the ring with multiple mobile phones.Once the khmers got a whiff that the big white guys were willing to have a lash, they came like flies. We won a few and lost a few and then it came about that a large Aussie lad was taking on a Khmer and so we pooled our money and took a large bet on our home grown (hopefully) hero. Our boy did not disappoint. The first round was intense as both fighters tried to score some quick and unsettling points. When the khmer guy landed a good blow, the whole crowd went nuts and when our Aussie guy landed one, we were right there for him “knock that ******fucker out !!!”. In the end , the boy from OZ was just too strong and a solid hit to the Khmer’s head left the khmer copping a standing (just) 10 count. TKO.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur with more fights, a stressful trip through intense afternoon log-jammed traffic ( that saw me playing traffic cop at one stage), a trip out to Bazza’s beer garden, The Pickle parrot for the rugby and then noodles by Psar Kandal at midnight with Leakhana and Chivoan.

We are definitely doing it again….

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