Cambodia- y’all bring ya flack jacket ya hear !

It’s been a rather hectic past week here in Cambodia and travellers need to take a bit of extra care at the moment.

Last Friday in Sihanoukeville, attackers entered the Chiva Shack beach front guest house and shot a khmer National Tourism Police Officer and an Irish national before fleeing. The khmer remains in hospital whilst the Irish chap has scampered with a bullet in the shoulder – presumably in fear for his life. Chiva Shack is a popular spot in Sihanoukeville which I have long rated as the largest shit hole in South East Asia. On Monday in that same town, 3 days after the shooting, a Spanish couple were robbed in broad daylight as they walked along the beach. They were confronted by 3 young men with sticks and promptly handed their loot over. One khmer was arrested minutes later,the other two are on the lam.

On saturday up here in Phnom Penh, a Swedish man ( who, interestingly, was a long term resident of …yes..Sihanoukville) was murdered after being lured into a trap by a young khmer lass who had a Niger….er…. “West African” boyfriend. Befriending the young girl on the internet, the Swede was then lured from his guest house, the well known Scandinavia Hotel ( where Leakhana and I played shuffle-board with Dan only a few weeks ago ), and bundled into a car in full view of several witnesses. His body then turned up some time later dumped beside the road with several blows to the back of the head. The police are now looking for the 17 year old Niger…er..”West African” lad who was stupid enough to check in to the Scandinavia for a few hours, have his mug recorded on CCTV and then skip out on the bill before returning to kidnap the Swede.

And then we have the case of the Kep Police Captain who came to the city and was shot point blank in the head by two men on a scooter as he dined on Monivong Boulevard. the equivalent of George St Sydney. 6 arrests have been made and it turns out most were relatives. Ahhh…the joys of family.

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2 Responses to Cambodia- y’all bring ya flack jacket ya hear !

  1. Rob Carry says:

    hey, hope all is well. Just wondering if you had any more info on that Irish guy shot in Sihanoukville? haven’t seen it reported in the press back home…

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