Our perfect place – a 2 hour snapshot.

We live in an Area called Russian Market and for my money it is the best area of Phnom Penh to live in. Free of the beggars, yuppies and blandness that come with BKK1,2 and 3, Russian Market is the Notting Hill of Phnom Penh. Last Saturday Leakhana, Grace, Mum and I spent 2 hours wandering around our immediate neighbourhood first having coffee at our nearby ( 20 metres ! ) coffee shop and then wandering over to the soup hall for some chicken ber ber  (rice soup ). Everybody was out and about as the sunset and it was a very pleasant time.

Here is a montage of the 2 hours we spent cruising;

Our coffee shop.

Gracie thrilled to be out .......

Lets play stack/unstack the water bottles...

Green- Our landlord Panha,Blue - The Koreans,Red- our place.....

Looking East

Looking North ( road in a terrrible state after rainy season )

At the soup hall

Grace again

Sugar cane juicer

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