Search Engine Sillyness

Behind the scenes of the is a thing called a dashboard. This is the WordPress back end where I can change my blog’s style, edit personal details and basically administer the site. There is also a graph that shows how many visits I am getting, where the hits are coming from and….amusingly….the actual terms that people type into search engines like Google to then end up at my site. This is a constant source of amusement to me. Here are some of the latest;

“edgy dancing” and “best titjob” ; Considering my blog does not feature any smut of any kind ( despite constant requests from some regular readers) these searches have me perplexed. My own Google search using these terms failed to turn up my blog but as you can imagine…”best tit job” brought up some…er…. interesting sites.

“gyrocopter in cambodia”; No…sorry. I don’t run a flying service but I so know a guy in Kampot who paraglides ? My blog comes up on page 2 of Google with this story when I pump in “gyrocopter in cambodia”.

“dirty mug inside”; Ok -I am pretty sure I know what this one refers to. When I came back to work today my coffee mug ( which I had left on my desk for a few days with about an inch of coffee in it) looked like a bad science experiment.

“what you looking at willis”; Gary Coleman’s famous quote from the sitcom Different Strokes. A Google search shows my blog at number 6 with this story. Given the popularity of that show, I find it hilarious that my Google ranking is so high.

“gardens of the window”; Wow….groovy man. The gardens of the window are like the eyes to the soul and all that. I searched 5 pages of google and no sign of my blog anywhere ! WTF ! ?

“pchom pen” ; Not sure whether this illiterate twit was after Phnom Penh or Pchum Ben but either way, no sign of me on google under this term either.

Now to the interesting part. The most searched on terms every single day are the following with matching links to stories on my blog ;

bboy,  the phnom pen asia blog,  phnompen asia,  stuart pinker cambodia, marika alderton house, murcutt box house.

So there you go, just a little snapshot into how people are finding me !

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2 Responses to Search Engine Sillyness

  1. Goyzer says:

    I typed in Idiotic Pommy TWAT who never learns and my name was at the top of Google ! How about that ?

  2. gyrojohn says:

    Interesting Mike, i was the pioneer some 7 yrs ago with Gyrocopter in Cambodia, red-tape and corruption where above my flight envelope, sad, such a beautiful varied landscape !

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