More housing ideas

Back here I blogged about some housing designs I really liked and a couple of them were designed by the insanely gifted architect Glenn Murcutt. Growing up in a house where my father was a Structural and Civil Engineer and my big brother was a carpenter by trade and builder by degree, Architects were always spoken about ( mostly by big brother ) as ” those useless arty farty architects” who got in the way and created problems with their grandiose design ideas.

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, the results of the National Architecture Awards are out and surprise surprise, Glenn Murcutt’s son Nicholas and his partner have cleaned up. Check this beauty out ;


Zac's House.Victoria,Australia

Zac's house / interior

I am  not a big fan of the yellow piping but I love the retro 60s styling and the split level lay out that the cantilevered design allows for. I also love the exposed rafters and the polished concrete floor, as well as the galley style kitchen. Simplicity personified.

Next we have a house in Tasmania by an Architect called Stuart Tanner;


Arm End House.Opossum Bay,Tasmania.


Arm End House interior


Arm End House interior

I mean, really, what can you say about this house other than….I WANT IT !

I need to win lotto I swear……………

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