Water Festival 2009


2009 = YO heave ho. Photo; Heng Chivoan / Phnom Penh Post

It’s over for another year. Thank God. Once you have done one Water festival, you will never do another.The provincial masses descend upon Phnom Penh after a year of saving their hard earned rice shekkles and in a 4 day frenzy of beer drinking, frog eating,balloon buying and public urination they have a whoop up good time. There is even a few boat races which  I watched on television from the safety of  The Compound. Fortunately for this year’s crews the Tonle Sap was flowing at Mach 10 downstream and the tail wind was a steady 360 knots and this meant that they were coming down the course in a blur of speed. Unfortunately, the boats then had to turn around straight after their races and row all the way back up to the boat camps some 2km upstream. Man that would suck. I would simply refuse, jump ship and be at the nearest beer outlet before you could say “Ok chaps, just a quick few strokes and we will be back at camp in now time !”

So whilst my wife and child disappeared over to the family apartment a Central Market to spend 4 days enjoying the bloated streets and impassable road blocks, I wandered around my local neighbourhood unimpeded, went to the gym, slept, ate,read and chilled out in the extreme. One day I had a “Classic DVD Day”. Back to back I watched Taxi Driver,O Brother Where art thou, 5 Easy Pieces,Scar face and . Going to bed at 8pm every night and eating at our local cafe every morning with Lucky Seven and Jeff, it was a very easy 4 days.


2007 Crowds


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