Lucky Seven


Steve "Lucky Seven" Guy

Name ; Steve Guy

Alias; Lucky Seven

From; Melbourne, Australia.

Age; Mid 50s

Alias Age ; low 40s

General Demeanour ; All round good guy and man about town.

This is Steve Guy, my new(ish) neighbour and now my personal trainer. Take another look at this dude. The guy is in his 50’s fer Christ sake. It makes me sick to look at him but he was the final slap in the face I needed to get off my arse and get motivated to get Fitafter41. The best thing about Steve as a personal trainer is …he doesn’t charge ! Still, at the moment it is me who is motivating him as he has quite a hectic social calender and one of the busiest mobile phones in Cambodia. Steve will be bringing protein powder into the country as a business and whilst i have never used them before, I soon will be. I am so hungry all the bloody time now ! And why the Lucky Seven you ask ? Well the tattoo on is chest is in homage to his SEVEN children back home. Yes….seven !. Steve thinks he might have to start a new list down both arms and at the rate at which he…is in demand, I don’t doubt it. Anyways, I am bloody lucky to have him on my team.


"Damn I Look good"

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