I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful…..

At's Salon

At's Salon

First, let me say I hate James Blunt and that noncy song……….

Free Friday rolled around ( I am taking every Friday off due to a deadly build up of annual leave !) and there was nothing for it but to hit the beauty parlour with the missus. My finger and toe nails looked like I had just returned from a far flung war and whilst I know you cannot improve on perfect, my face needed a touch up. Off to Kandal market and into the maze that is Khmer Beauty land. We went straight to At’s shop for nails and I had no fewer than three girls attending to me. I played golf on the phone while they scraped,probed,cut and dissected. Cost ? $1.75. That’s for about an hours work. I paid them $2.50.

Maybe she needs a chainsaw ?

Maybe she needs a chainsaw ?

It was then over to the face massage salon for a nice face slapping and ‘erbal mask. Whilst I was under the mask, my beautician asked me if I wanted my ears cleaned out. Hell…why not – I never do it ! Next thing I know I can feel this heat on my ear from the light and she starts probing into my ear canal with a long thin surgical like instrument that makes me squeam around like a teenage girl watching a horror movie. God it felt weird ! I couldn’t help but think if someone bumps into her I am a dead man. Death by surgical spike to brain.

Cost ? $2.50.

Result ; Absolutely Fabulous !

This won't hurt a bit.........

This won't hurt a bit.........

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3 Responses to I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful…..

  1. Yes…you are beautiful.

  2. gavinmac says:

    Wow.You really are beautiful ! .Powerful too by all accounts………

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