Happy Birthday to me

I turned..er..ahem….41 years old. Leakhana started asking days before what I wanted to do and i tried to divert the attention as I really did not want to do much. In the end I capitulated. We went shopping for my presents together at Psar Thmei ( wine glasses, two whiskey tumblers and two decent rubber WELCOME mats for the house !! ) and while she then went off to Psar Kandal for hair and nails, I went home and iced up the esky and loaded it with Zorok. Soon Dan and Davuth, Dave and Aofie, the family, Steve, Jeff and I were all partying hearty in the front garden. Many beers, single malts and plates of food later and someone decided it would be a good idea to go to The Heart.  Yeah great idea ! Let’s punch a few tequilas and zambucas before going to bed finally at 4a’m shall we ?.


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to me

  1. gavinmac says:

    Your birthday gift was that your wife bought kitchen glassware and welcome mats and then got her hair and nails done?


    • Gav, I am of the age where I want for nothing. Beautiful wife, gorgeous kid….and the in-laws. We have broken so many wine glasses we needed new ones and I am sick of those smelly cotton mats so……….PRACTICAL MAN !

  2. H. says:

    How come you look older than me if you’re just 41?

    Happy Birthday!

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