Review; True Blood

What a vamp !

What a vamp !

Hot diggedy dawg. Got me a new HBO series to sink my teeth into and it’s a bloody ripper. Called True Blood, the show is about modern day Vampires ( hence all the puns HAHHAHA god I am funny ) and it is set in the deep south. I love this show because it features lots of very hot chicks ( Sooky and Daphne are ssssmoking ! ) with southern accents running around in cut-off shorts and HOOTERS style t-shirts ( think Daisy Duke ), the guys are all rednecks and drive trucks and the music is all slide guitar swamp boogie ( although Dengue Fever made an appearance in episode 6 which is actually called Escape from the Dragon House ! ).

The basic plot is that Vampires have assimilated into mainstream society and are now drinking bottled synthetic blood called True Blood so they in theory pose  no threat to humans. In practice, old habits die hard and some of them are still a little….er….thirsty. We have mortal drug dealers selling “V” (vampire blood ) which is like a cross between LSD and Ecstasy, we have Vampire bars called Fangtasia and we have human groupies called Fangbangers who like nothing more than getting nipped by a ‘pire in the heat of passion.Unfortunately there are only two seasons thus far so I am going to be left high and dry ever so soon and in need of a fresh material…or blood……

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4 Responses to Review; True Blood

  1. Darren says:

    Was True Blood one of my recommendations to you ?

    It should have been if not, I enjoyed S1, have not got S2 yet, last time I saw it in a DVD shop they only had part 1 of S2, is it all here now ?

    • No….WAH WAH recommended it. Not sure how much of S2 is included but I do know that I am going to be complaining about the cost of season 1 when I take it back to Russian Market. Charging $2 a disc for 5 discs that only have 2 episodes per disc is a bloody rort………..

  2. drwahwah says:

    Darren they have both pt one and two of s2 now on 4 discs in total for $6 at DVD store next to dosa corner on st 51

  3. Kratzy says:

    Go back to your blog entry about Oz – I told you it was awesome!!! So addictive!

    The books are even more so…

    The soundtrack is overall awesome but great to hear Dengue Fever. Friends downloaded Series 2 for me and it is a little more kooky than Series 1! Should be in Russian in no time – good copy!

    The upside of modern DVD world is that I picked up Series 1 for $20 in Australia – not too much more than Russian would have charged me!

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