Spoilt Suri’s silly arsed parents spends sumptous squillions on stuff.

And while we are on Today’s Sydney Morning Herald…here is another pearler ;


Suri Cruise’s multi-million wardrobe

One spoilt little shit..er.....Suri.

One spoilt little shit..er.....Suri.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have splashed out 2 million on their daughter’s clothes.The Hollywood couple want three-year-old Suri to always looks her best, and think nothing of dressing her in designer outfits.A source said: “Katie and Tom really splurge on Suri, and as they’re so famous they always get the top fashion designers to custom make her clothes.”Suri has been spotted sporting outfits by Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Burberry.Katie has even asked legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin to create special footwear for Suri.The source added to Britain’s Closer magazine: “When Katie gets the Louboutins she always gets a few pairs so Suri can wear new shoes every time.

“Suri also has some 130 Mary Jane shoes from French designer Bonpoint. Suri often changes a few times a day too.”Katie is even said to have smaller version of a $4500 Valextra bag she bought made for Suri last year as the toddler was so desperate for her own version.


I won’t add my own acerbic remarks other than to say the money on Suri’s clothes would have been betted spent on

a) Fixing Katie Holmes-a-Cruise’s train wreck of a mouth and b) Getting Tom a Scientology enema to rid him of his anal spaceships……

Anyhooooooooooooo,here is our little girl decked out in her latest outfit;



Result; Priceless

Thrifty Chic - Stunning

Thrifty Chic - Stunning

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