Up there Gazaly

Footy crowd

Footy crowd

On Saturday ABAC held our inaugural AFL Grand Final at the Intercontinental Hotel . With an early kick off of 11a.m, the crew were already into first beers with the bacon and egg breakfast spread at 10a.m. Damian ( F&B Manager at the Intercon ) did a fantastic job of setting up the grand ballroom with balloons in team colours, a small grandstand and plenty of games and a video area for the kids. All in all around 120 showed up which was a fantastic result and a great time was had by all. Leakhana had never seen a game of AFL before and took on the Geelong Cats as her team and I was barracking for  the underdogs in the St Kilda Saints. By the end of the game Leakhana was screaming like a battle hardened footy sheila and she ended up fleecing me of a $1 on a friendly bet we had.

Hillary takes a half time hack in the handball comp

Hillary takes a half time hack in the handball comp

Best t-shirt on the day.

Best t-shirt on the day.

Our new friends Murph and Aoife were there, as were  Paul,Wendy and Derek, Trevor, a newly pregnant John McGinley ( YAY ! ), Steve and Hillary, David and Martel, a very hungover Simon Roe, a very generous Paul Redfern ( who won the donated moto and then gave it back  to raise yet another $800 for Sisha -,the anti-trafficking organisation we were giving all proceeds of our raffle too), Rob Jago and clan etc etc.

All in all a great turn out. Afterwards we went back to the Compound for a few beers with Murph,Aoife and Paul in tow and then it was over to Shane’s house for a poker tournament. Leakhana held her own for a while against 16 odd players and I held out for a 5th place which…given the state I was in…was pretty good going.

Then over to Longeach 54 beer garden for a much needed dinner and finally home plastered around 10pm.

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