Naga Casino Texas Hold Em

I wish..........

I wish..........

Back here I wrote about a visit to Naga Casino. Back then we were playing 5 card stud poker but the good news is that Naga now has Texas hold Em tables and last Thursday night I thought I would give them a whirl. I arrived and changed $100 into chips and then sauntered over to the $3/$5 table which was chockers full of chain smoking Asians and a tea drinking Keith. I was told I was first on the waiting list and so I bided my time until a seat became available. It soon became apparent that this seemingly harmless  $3/$5 table was actually a minefield of catastrophic proportions for the unwary. Pots escalated quickly and one swarthy looking Chinese guy who looked like he belonged in a Bond movie kept sliding his little plastic tray across as an all in bet once all the community cards were out. I watched as another Chinese guy called him and then realised that the trays were $1000 a pop. DOINK ! The loser just clicked his fingers and another tray of $1000 was dispensed and so on it went. I looked at keith and asked if I would be stupid to join this game with only $100 and he informed me the minimum buy in was actually $200. Bugger.

Luckily minutes later Brett from the Red Fox and then Glenn from Walkabout arrived as well as Raz and we soon had a $1/$2 game going. The Chinese shark’s wife joined us and things got in the swing well and truly. I had a few wild swings and roundabouts before dusting my dough and I was soon back at the table and recouping not only my initial buy in but a couple of hundred dollars in profit too. It was then that I made a fatal mistake and went all in against Raz. My top two pair were looking strong with one card left to come and Raz was chasing a straight .

Well…he hit that straight didn’t he.


Anyways, I watched Keith walk away with $1200 or so in his pocket and cool hand Gary was also at the $3/$5 table doing his best to fleece the Chinese players. With free beer and buffet and plenty of mates up there playing, I am afraid this might become a regular haunt.

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6 Responses to Naga Casino Texas Hold Em

  1. gavinmac says:

    I guess I should know the answer to this, but how/why was the guy repeatedly going “all in” on a $3 – $5 game?

    I like Naga. I don’t gamble much there because the blackjack tables have continuous shuffling machines. I mainly like the hotel.

    • Gav, the $5 table gets expensive VERY quickly. If everyone at a full table of 10 players at MINIMUM antes up with no raises ,the pot is $50 pre flop. Throw in some post flop betting and raising and the pot can get to several hundred ++ before the last two cards are dealt. Then throw in some crazy arse gung ho rich as hell Chinese bazillionaires who have no concept of real money and….the final bet is easily $1000 on many hands. Hence the dramatic ALL IN tray pushes I was witnessing. Pure posturing. BTW – if you don’t like the shuffling blackjack tables, try the baccarat tables…I hear they foxtrot.

  2. gavinmac says:

    Have you ever seen the rooms there? They are very large and modern. You should consider getting a room sometime for a weekend getaway with just your wife and six to eight in-laws.

  3. hump says:

    they have 1/2 no limit and 2/5 if i m not mistaken.. the players there are donks… they wud call u even if u had a set just 2 hit their flush with no pot odds wat so ever…. full of idiots… but they run real good like this one white guy push AQ vs my KK and got lucky and hit the A on the turn and the same guy called me 150$ when i had a set for his flush draw, i came over the top of his call from another guy with a 150 more… no pot odds wat so ever.. they are donks… generally if ur runnig good and dont get bad beats than u will do good but if those luck donks keep catching cards u can be out in a few minutes…

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