Fire !

Burn Toul Sleng BURN !

Burn Toul Sleng BURN !

Yesterday I went to work and found that it was a public holiday. With absolutely no-one at work and having suffered from insomnia the night before ( I am stressing out about Grace’s education…which isn’t due for ….oh…..5 years or so ), I decided to head home and try to get some sleep. With Grace in her bed next to me, I lay down and had a bit of a nap but I was soon awake with a pungent aroma in the air. I went downstairs and outside the air was thick with acrid smoke. Assuming it was one of the locals burning off some post Pchum Ben rubbish, I thought little of it but then my mobile phone rang and Leakhana informed me that she had been told a house was burning down near ours. A quick trip to the rooftop confirmed this was indeed so. I felt sorry for the owners as no-one has insurance here and the fire department holds people to ransom before they start doing their job. no money- no water ! Arseholes.Outside the street was chockers with onlookers . Cambodians love a disaster…..

Gawking crowd

Gawking crowd

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