Kyle gets a bullet to the head

How does that Rae Against the Machine song go ? " A bullet in your f**** head !!!!!!!"

How does that Rage Against the Machine song go again ? " A bullet in your motherf******* head !!"

As my regular readers are aware, I don’t like Australia’s Shock Cock and Oafish Chav extraordinaire, Kyle Sandilands. I have blogged here and here about this primordial slime dwelling twat and today I gleefully read about a graffiti campaign now raging in Sydney. The above photo is Fat Boy’s promotion photo that features on the back of  Taxis and as you can see , someone is gunning for flubber guts.

From today’s Sydney Morning Herald ;

Advertisements for the Kyle and Jackie O Show on taxis and bus shelters are being imaginatively defaced in the wake of the outcry over the duo’s lie detector stunt and more recently Sandilands’s concentration camp remarks in relation to the comedian Magda Szubanski’s weight loss. Perhaps not surprisingly it is Sandilands’s oversized head, rather than his sidekick’s, which is the most common target. Matthew Byrne, the director of Rova Media, which runs ads on the back of taxis, confirmed there had been an increase in vandalism. ”But Kyle has been a target for a while. I think he makes himself a target. And then outdoor advertising becomes a forum where people can have their say.” A spokeswoman for Adshel, which runs the Austereo ad campaign on its bus shelters, said the vandalism was not widespread. Sandilands flew back into Sydney from Los Angeles yesterday for a meeting with Austereo bosses, amid rumours he would be axed from the program. He claimed to be unaware of the Szubanski controversy. ”No, I’m back to go back on air next week,” Sandilands told Channel Nine. ”I’m pretty sure [my job’s] safe.” ( OH REAALLLY ? LET’S WAIT AND SEE HEY DIP SHIT ?” )

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