REVIEW; Planet B-Boy

Le b-boy

Le b-boy

Were you hitting your teenage years around 1980  ?  If so, you may remember the explosion that was beat-boying or more commonly….break dancing. The Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash were bringing the streets into our white bread living rooms with their edgy new style of music called RAP and life was never going to be the same again. Alongside the rappers came the b-boy crews such as the Rock Steady Crew and the New York City Breakers. These kids would throw down a square of vinyl underlay on the hard cement , flip on their oversized boom boxes and start spinning, twirling, popping and locking in a manner that had us suburban white kids dumb struck. From then on we would hang out to see what new song featured anyone rap dancing or breaking and if we new Countdown ( the Australian version of Bandstand) was going to be featuring a break dancing crew, it was Must Watch TV !!

With gold grills flashing and huge clock pendants swinging, that dude rocked the house


Got me runnin' for ma life !

Got me runnin' for ma life !

I have kept it real all my life fer shizzle my nizzle. I am a long time fan of rap – the harder the better. I saw Flava Fav from PUBLIC ENEMY do a live act at Kinsela’s in Sydney that brought the place down. With gold grills flashing and huge clock pendants swinging, that dude rocked the house YEAH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY. ICET‘s “Hustler” was on high rotation whenever the boys would be preparing for a Friday night assault and “FUCK THA POLICE’ was an anthemic middle finger to authority. I still listen to  a lot of gangsta rap, as well as a bunch of hip hop too- most notably, I have been a long time fan of Australian outfit The Hilltop Hoods. Those guys can match it with the best and their Australian take on life is refreshing and relative.

Anyways..last night I just chanced upon a screening on TV of a FANTASTIC documentary called Planet B-Boy . With a kicking soundtrack and engaging story line, the film follows a bunch of b-boy teams from around the world as they strive to get to the Battle of The Year finals held every year in Germany. Interwoven with some personal tales of hardship an struggle, I can highly recommend this film to anyone who grew up with, is interested in or currently is a practitioner of b-boying ( which I certainly ain’t ! ). With a brash American crew from Vegas who are sure they will make the finals ( and don’t ) ,the arrogant French ( quel surprise ! ),the fun-loving South Koreans who are just proud to represent their country and the incredibly devoted and technical Japanese who bring the house down with their routine, the film is just a pure joy to immerse yourself in. Even if you have never had exposure to the world of breaking, this doco will leave you floored. The guys are amazing at what they do and have all the athleticism of ballet dancers. There are also some really nice break-outs in the film where they hit the streets to see what’s happening at the grass roots level. Most notably – watch out for the slo-mo dancer. INSANE !

I am guessing you might have to Torrent this or, if you live in Cambodia, possibly ROGUE ( the old Boom Boom Room on lakeside  ) might have both the film and the soundtrack for download. At any rate, by the end of it I was looking at my smooth living room floor tiles and thinking… hard could it be to spin around on my head for a few minutes ?


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