GRACE; Her first play group

Grace 2nd from RHS "What's that you say ? Smile ?.."

Grace 2nd from RHS "What's that you say ? Smile ?.."

I took a holiday last Friday so I could attend Grace’s first playgroup held at Kristin and Madu’s house. It was a fantastic hour and such a joy to see so many little cherubic faces around. All the kiddies played nice together and Grace and Lucia were in fine form . Lucia ( Kristin and Madu’s gorgeous little girl ) has eyes and cheeks that make you melt and she is a very happy,confident little camper. With a fleet of Khmer nannies in tow and Percy the wonder hound running around sampling every stuffed toy in the room, it was a lot of fun and an interesting kaleidoscope of multi-national babies. Lucia was by far the darkest ( Sri Lankan / American ) with Grace coming in at the Mocha Choca Latte level

( Khmer / Australian ) and then a couple of ultra white snow flake babies ( Australian / English ? Canadian etc ).

Nannies and their charges.

Nannies and their charges.

Grace and Lucia

Grace and Lucia

A great day and I look forward to doing it again.

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2 Responses to GRACE; Her first play group

  1. gavinmac says:

    Babies! Yay!

    Actually, I think you are less weird now that I have joined facebook and realized that 80% of my married friends use their facebook accounts primarily to post updates about their kids and to announce how much they enjoy hanging out with their spouses. Apparently, you are somewhat normal.

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