Opportunity of a lifetime

I had to go to the ANZ today to transfer some money back to the Burning Ring Of Fire ( my house in OZ ) and whilst waiting I came upon this advertisement for an opportunity to buy into a development in Shitsville…er…Sihanoukville;

I think I fall into category5 ?

I think I fall into category5 ?

I like the fact that they have pitched this retirement village with airy convocation area to amubatory guests who like geriatric massages and are preferably female. However, covering all bets, you are also welcome if you are ;

1. A silly French Fuck

2. A Jew or Christian

3. A dentist

4.A ham radio enthusiast from Japan


5. Someone after a townhouse.

Now…..don’t forget the alluring pitch that this is in a prime area of Shitsville that is changing from a squalid back packer zone to  a 1945 era Los Angeles.

Whilst this advertiement belings clearly in the WHAT THE FUCK ? category, I am going to rush down with a deposit just in case…………….

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3 Responses to Opportunity of a lifetime

  1. gavinmac says:

    Nice find. Lubavitchers?

  2. Kratzy says:

    Baaahhahaaaa!!!! That brigthened my day considerably! Hilarious! Great to see the ham radio enthusiast got a look in – they are such an overlooked sector of the community these days…

  3. humphrey says:

    Any room for train spotters?

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