Cop’s cocked up cull causes country calamity.

A police attempt to euthanase a wounded kangaroo went horribly wrong in front of a group of children.Police in Armidale were asked to euthanase the animal, which appeared to have broken a leg, by the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).But the operation was captured on film and posted on online.

Yo Skippy,your time has come beeeyatch.....

Yo Skippy,your time has come beeeyatch.....

In the clip, an officer fires three shots at the kangaroo at close range over a one-minute period.The kangaroo survives the first two shots and limps across a main road before being shot dead by the officer metres from school students.The video – taken about 1.40pm on Sunday on Barney Street, Armidale – has already generated online comments angry at the animal’s treatment.The kangaroo was injured after being hit by a car, and had to be put down, said Acting Inspector Matthew Crotty from Armidale police.

“It’s not uncommon for us to get called to a location to euthanase a kangaroo, being a rural area,” he said.A WIRES spokeswoman said the “options for a kangaroo with a broken leg are euthanasia and euthanasia”.The preferable options were a “clean head shot” with a shotgun or a lethal injection by a vet, she said. ( er ….Listen up missy -I know a fair bit about guns and shooting and I can tell you using a shotgun for a “clean” head shot is like using an A Bomb to take out a small house )

“But transporting an animal with a badly broken leg to a vet is sometimes not the most humane option.”As police prepared to shoot the kangaroo, the shock of onlooking teenagers is heard in the video.”They won’t do it with all of us here,” one said.( Jesus….so what ? ……a bunch of country bred teenagers cannot hack the site of a roo being offed ?Struth. They dont raise them like they used to !)As the exercise drags on in full view of the public, the teens comment on the officer’s inability to make a clean shot.”What? Are you kidding? … did he miss from there,” one says. ( I would have to agree, based on the photo, the cop missing from that range is just a pure disgrace. Back to the shooting range for you mister.)

Acting Inspector Crotty acknowledged the operation could have been quicker.”Ideally it would take just one shot,” he said.But shooting a kangaroo with a pistol was challenging, as its head was the size of a coffee cup, he said.( and cops know their coffee cups ! or putting a bullet through a donut maybe ?).”And we can’t walk up to a wild animal, particularly a kangaroo that’s flighty and can be dangerous, and put a firearm to its head.” ( Why not ? Bust a cap in that bitche’s arse !)

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman said the kangaroo had to be killed and police had done their best.”Having looked at the footage, it is our belief that the police did their level best to destroy the animal as well as they could given the circumstances they were in.”The destruction of any animal is never a pretty scene.” ( hmmm…you have never shot a rabbit with a 22-250 have you ? Seeing a small fluffy animal skinned,gutted and prepped for the bbq all with one shot is a thing to behold)

Acting Inspector Crotty said it was “unfortunate” video of the incident had been posted online.Armidale police had already received a number of calls about the incident, he said.He said officers had tried prevent onlookers from seeing it by moving their police van into place as a shield, but the kangaroo had moved away.They were also not aware their actions were being filmed, he said.Senior police at Armidale would review the incident to ensure the officers acted appropriately, as happens with all animal euthanasing, he said.

Source; Sydney Morning Herald

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2 Responses to Cop’s cocked up cull causes country calamity.

  1. Chris says:

    Where’s the link to the video, I want to see Skipy get it.

    • Can’t find it but i goes like this;

      “shit…….I missed” ( partner laughing in background, pissante little school kids wetting pants, crying and whipping out Nokia phones to record……….)
      “shit….damn it…stand still skippy” ( skippy clutching at his chest OH MY GOD, I HAVE BEEN HIT )
      Roo finally goes down in a pool of spreading, sickly sweet blood ( man pulls up in ute and says ” gday mate, can i have that for me dawgs ?” )

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