The Phnom Penh Police Blotter. Alert ; Cronies on the up !

Ahhhhhhh….it’s been a while since I posted some of the police reports so here is a collection of the last few weeks and my take on the incidents.

A sex maniac was nabbed by police last Monday following an incident in which a 13-year-old girl squeezed his penis while he was molesting her on July 25 at 11:30pm in Kampong Cham province’s Ponhea Krek district. Police identified the perpetrator as a 25-year-old who resides in the district’s Kandaol Chrum commune. The juvenile managed to escape the paedophile by grabbing and twisting his genitals. After his arrest, the man told police he had not had sex for a long time. I have included this one purely for it’s fantastic title.


Daun Penh district police arrested a spoiled teenager on Wednesday after he and his crony attempted to snatch the bag of 22-year-old Vong Chhnay in the district’s Boeung Reang commune. The perpetrator was identified as Yong Bono, 19, the son of a local soup merchant and a student at Batouk High School. Police said the victim’s bag contained US$70 and other documents, and was taken away by Yong Bono and an unknown accomplice on a black Honda motorbike. Yes, I can imagine the son of a soup merchant is very spoiled. All the soup he can eat and with a silver spoon to boot.


A heavily intoxicated two-star general smashed wine glasses and plates against the floor and fired his gun two times into the ceiling at Boeung Meas restaurant in Russei Keo district on Friday at around 10:30pm. The general began his drunken tantrum after a female server refused to pour wine into his glass and the restaurant’s owner declined to express warm hospitality towards the general upon his arrival. After firing two bullets from his handgun, the military official, whose name and address were not disclosed, fled the scene with in a black Mercedes SUV that lacked licence plates. He drove so recklessly that he hit a parked car in the restaurant lot, but this mishap did not stop the drunken general’s attempt to escape, eyewitnesses said. After the incident, authorities reached the restaurant but did not dare make any inquiries. Well quite bloody right !. If I have served my country and risen to the rank of Herr Generale I want my bloody wine poured for me god damn it. Not only that..I do not expect to have to park my Mercedes SUV in a crowded bloody car park. Two shots only ? I would have gone back with my tank and wasted the entire restaurant.

A man was arrested by police in Kandal province’s Ang Snuol district for strangling his former girlfriend, a garment worker who stopped loving him and turned her eyes to a new man. The violence broke out in the district’s Kambaul commune at around 8:30pm on Friday. Police identified the love-stricken man as 21-year-old Lun Taiv and the victim as Chhoeun Leakna. After the arrest, the man confessed to police that he had attempted to end Chhoeun Leakna’s life and then kill himself to end the pain of unrequited love. Love Stricken ? Unrequited Love ? What is this? A bloody Barbara Streisand song ? Toughen up you little poof.


A man was rushed to a private hospital in Phnom Penh after he was stabbed several times by his crony, who was attempting to rob him of his modern motorbike. The incident took place on Thursday in Dangkor district. Police identified the victim as Yen Vath, a 29-year-old construction worker living in a rented house in the district’s Choam Chao commune. The perpetrator remains at large. Another Crony or is this the same one as report #2 ? There are a lot of cronies getting around Cambodia all of a sudden. Not sure I like that !


Three monks from Kra Soum Por Thiram pagoda and a student were nabbed by Siem Reap provincial police for escorting a 22-year-old woman to drink gin in a beer garden on Tuesday. Police identified the monks as Tep Sophoan, 40, Ghean Savuth, 27, and Ghov Sok, 19, who is the boyfriend of Kin Bun Phin, residing in Svay Dangkum commune. Ghov Sok and his girlfriend confessed to police that they used to exchange kisses in the pagoda and in public places after drinking wine and returning from a karaoke parlor. The Drunken Monk. I love it. What a great name for a bar !


While running after his wife to kiss her, a man was axed twice in the head by his brother-in-law, who mistakenly thought that his sister was being attacked by the man. The incident occurred Wednesday in Pursat’s Phnum Kravanh district. Duk Chrun, 42, was told by his cronies that they would give him from US$1.25 to $2.50 if he exchanged kisses with his shy wife in order to entertain them. He was injured by his brother-in-law, Khem Neth, who thought that the victim was chasing his sister in an attempt to harm her. The perpetrator has been sent to Pursat provincial court to stand trial. Um……more cronies.

A Banteay Meanchey provincial council member was chopped to death by a group of spoiled Samurai Vietnamese teenagers Friday after he told the perpetrators, who were drinking near him at a restaurant in the province’s Preah Punlear commune, not to “chitchat too noisily”. Police identified the victim as Top Sareoun, 63, who was also a soldier. Police said they nabbed the three suspects on Saturday as they were cutting their long hair to disguise their identities. It’s bad enough cronies are on the rise. Now Cambodia has Samurai as well ? And spoiled hippy Vietnamese ones at that ? Struth………

Vietnamese Samurai Warrior ?

Vietnamese Samurai Warrior ?

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