Kyle Sandiands is STILL a PRICK

……………and Jackie O is a bimbO. What exactly does the “O” stand for you blonde dipshit ?


Disgraced radio queen Jackie O appears to have gone into hiding in the wake of her radio show’s suspension.

As her co-host Kyle Sandilands faces an uncertain future after losing his spot as an Australian Idol judge, Jackie Henderson and her husband, Lee Henderson, have not been seen at their $2.75 million Paddington terrace for up to a week.They may have retreated to their 42-hectare property on the NSW South Coast.

The 2Day FM lie detector scandal is just one of many controversial radio stunts that have become bigger than initially intended.Henderson’s representative at Chadwick Management, Martin Walsh, said his client was “having a break” but would not say where.”Jackie’s a wonderful person so she’s having a break and we’re waiting for the [Austereo] report to come out and we’ll go from there,” Mr Walsh said.

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The radio network announced on Sunday the Kyle and Jackie O show was going off air pending a network-wide review of protocols into how various stations interact with listeners.The move was prompted by a lie-detector stunt last Wednesday that culminated in a 14-year-old girl revealing she’d been raped.In the resulting public outcry Henderson’s part in the stunt-gone-wrong was largely overlooked as Sandilands copped criticism for his aggressive on-air track record.

Henderson stopped the girl’s interrogation after Sandilands, broadcasting from New Zealand, asked whether the girl had had any other sexual experiences.But some have accused the 34-year-old blonde of facilitating her co-host’s antics and making only half-hearted apologies when Sandilands crosses the line.It is understood Austereo’s review will find procedure was at fault in last week’s segment.Other reports this week claim the show was pulled because Sandilands would not agree to a seven-second broadcast delay to prevent further disasters.

A report in today’s Daily Telegraph claimed Sandilands, this week axed as an Australian Idol judge, had debts totalling more than $2.2 million, including a $500,000 mortgage on a black Rolls Royce.

Henderson has also juggled other projects in the past, including hosting roles on Big Brother, Australian Princess and Popstars.But Mr Walsh would not comment on whether the scandal had put Henderson’s future career prospects in jeopardy.A neighbour today said she had not seen Jackie and Lee Henderson at their terrace in Elizabeth Street, Paddington, in at least a few days and possibly as long as a week.”They’re not here,” the woman said.”But we don’t see them much; they’re very quiet people. They’re in and out and we’re in and out a lot.”The couple own a rural property in Wattamolla, near Kangaroo Valley, which Henderson often talked about as her country retreat.


yO Jackie………I hope the kangaroos get into your house and eat your Laura Ashley sofas you dumb twat.

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1 Response to Kyle Sandiands is STILL a PRICK

  1. Kratzy says:

    Thought you would appreciate this comment:

    “I think Kyle Sandilands is a figment of his own imagination, frankly. I think he’s reasonably devoid of talent. I don’t think he has an exceptional voice. In fact I’ve never met him but were I to meet him I’m sure I’d find him a very annoying person. And I think in addition to being annoying we would not be unreasonable to think he was stupid.” – John Laws

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