RIP Aya Besant

Always smiling Aya

Always smiling Aya

Our very good friend Aya passed away last Friday morning after a 3 battle with  TB. Aya almost succumbed to the disease some years ago and this time she sadly could not fight it. Aya was a beaming little light of energy who will be remembered by all her close friends as the party girl who was first onto the Pontoon dance floor and last off it. With cool dance moves and a zany style all her own, Aya made friends easily.

On Friday night some of us gathered for a dinner and a solemn beer with her family at her house and then on Saturday morning a large crowd of Khmer and Foreigners took Aya to the Wat for her cremation. The most poignant moment was seeing her lovely little daughter Davuth ( 4 years old ) whom we have all watched growing up consoling her Uncle Pros with some gentle pats on the shoulder as he shed tears. The most saddening thing, for me, was watching my good mate and Aya’s husband and partner of 10 years,Dan, let out  his grief as Aya entered the crematorium. A sight I will probably never forget.

Aya, if there is a dance floor up there, I know you are leading the charge and we will all miss you so much.

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