Naga Casino

"Pen, The Phnom Pen............"

"Pen, The Phnom Pen............"

Another weekend, another Friday Night traipsing around town. After a couple of beers at Mark’s place on the way home after work ( a sure sign things would get interesting later ) and a quick dinner at home, we headed off to Liquid Bar to meet up with…well.. heaps of people. Liquid Bar must be the only bar in Phnom Penh making money as it is always crowded. Bumped into Paul, Angela, Alex and others and then Sindre,Rotha,Mark and Srey Touche arrived. Soon enough 6 of us were rolling over to DJ Club for the Khmer Club experience and then the call went up ” NAGA CASINO !”.

I have never ever been to a casino before. I know some of you might find that unbelievable given the amount of poker I play but it’s true. I was a bit bloody nervous as was Leakhana ” Naga is a very bad place ! ” but with the hardened casino goers Mark and Sindre as protection, I figured not much could go wrong. We tuk tuk”d it over there around 2a.m and were soon entering the garish monolith that is Naga with it’s fake waterfalls and eliptical, blue sky ceiling which I could not stop looking up at.

After changing $100 for chips ,the lads sat down at a Caribbean Stud Poker table whilst the girls sat back and enjoyed a few free beers – as did we. Srey Touche sat in on some games as well and after flopping a full house and having the dealer open her cards, I was soon up $200 and it was then that I wisely and happily handed $150 back to Leakhana in chips as “mummy spending money” for the weekend. A big kiss and smile from the wife and I knew the rest of her weekend would be spent in Psar Kandal gettig hair and nails done and massages an some shopping for new clothes etc.

In the end I think I walked out about $40 up so my first casino experience was a fun one. Controlled and profitable. Would I do it again ? Maybe but only with the same guys in tow. It’s always a good night out when we get together. As a book-end to the weekend the next night I played the monthly Last Saturday poker game at Paul’s house. The first game saw Paul and I going heads up with Paul taking the pot and the second game saw Paul and I going heads up with me taking the pot of $60.

Not a bad weekend all things considered.

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  1. Kratzy says:

    The roof is something to behold! We used ot live a block from there – near the National Assembly. The one time I ventured inside I just stood there looking up for about 10 mins… It was a very surreal place.

    The local khmer people probably muttering under their breathe as they walked past “ch’goot bra-ang…”

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