BMW Perfection

I recently had the usage of Murray’s fantastic BMW and whilst I am no BMW sycophant or slathering devotee, check this 1933 R7 out. Story goes that this bike was found in a box 3 years ago and was the original BMW prototype.The only one in existence, BMW have now restored it and whilst they say a picture speaks a thousand words I can think of only one; Stunning.

I want one.

I want one.

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3 Responses to BMW Perfection

  1. Brian Borg says:

    Mr Garnett, I think you will find this is actually a FORD Prototype, derived from an earlier prototype previously discontinued due to financial concerns of the recession of the time . I know this as it was my brother and I that designed it !! glad you like it though and it is currently on display at the delwimbon museum should you wish to view it. I can also tell you it is not the only one…..

    • goyzer says:

      I would love to be able to ride a motorbike but my missus won’t let me. I envy all you real men. From the Little Goyzer.

  2. goyzer says:

    The difference between an Oz and a Pomme is the Australian’s ability to spell far outweighs the limey’s. For example POM is the correct spelling whilst POMME is some bastardisation of the word that almost suggest I have some French in me………………..

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