240 Beers,stubbed toes and much poker.

Mark and Srey Touche’s place has become a beer sodden vortex lately. A place where some go in lucid and cashed up, only to come out hours later intoxicated,5 ways sideways, pants down and bereft of all monies….injured even ! After Mark’s birthday bash we then attended Sindre ( Norwegian ) and Roth’s wedding on the following Wednesday night and post wedding we all headed over to Pontoon where Sindre had some tables reserved and some top shelf liquor on tap and soon the subject of the impending Australia V New Zealand Tri nations rugby match came up. Under the influence of Johnny Walker and as the Kiwis were the least favoured, I decided to give both Mark and Phil a 5 point start. The bet ; 5 cases of Zorok each. The venue ; Mark’s place 2pm the following Saturday.

Sindre and Roth get married

Sindre and Roth get married

So on the Saturday we gathered at 2pm (for the second Saturday in a row) and whilst the girls played cards over in the “girls card room” we settled in with some cold San Miguels,Anchors and Angkors and with the promise of another BBQ later on with the birthday left over steaks, the afternoon started in earnest. Srey Touche’s version of the Haka pre-match was a sight to behold. She pretty much had it spot on although her version was less threatening, more amusing. Zoey my Australian friend was there to watch it with us and the Australians soon took an early lead. MMMMMMMMMMMMm 240 beers in my laser sights and visions of a beer mountain in my kitchen. Then it was touch and go for almost the entire match and I could soon see my mountain crumbling before my eyes.In the end, I felt like a dejected Edmund Hillary who had failed to summit and was soon off in a tuk tuk to the nearest bottle shop to purchase the 10 slabs . Damn.

Winner ( left ). Loser ( right ).

Winner ( left ). Loser ( right ).

After a hearty bbq and restocking the esky with some of my kindly donated Zorok, Zoey joined the girls for cards and the boys put together a game of Pot Limit Texas hold em poker. No fancy stuff here. We simply changed $20 each for a stack of 1000r (0.25c) notes and made the ante 1000r with raises on the hour.With 4 semi-lubricated players, the game started out steady but as the evening wore on, the game got looser and looser and at times the pot limit was forgotten altogether and many re-buys were required.Some good laughs to be had all round and the new groom Sindre walked away the big winner on the night…up some $80-$100.

It was then off to Liquid Bar and as the girls wound up their game, the boys headed out in an advance party. I was lagging behind the guys after stopping to have a beer with some tuk tuk drivers and didn’t make it 10 meters from the house before I stubbed my toe on something.Blood started flowing like claret and I headed back to Mark’s house for some emergency clean-up but unfortunately without any real medical supplies, I had to head back home to my own first aid kit. Game over for me at 11pm.No so the others.They kicked on until 3a.m or so with Phil having to sleep on the concrete outside his apartment due to forgetting his keys.

3pm the next day saw me heading back over to Mark’s house to pick up the bike (again left safely in lock up) and who should be there all rosy and glowing but Phil, Mark and Sindre. The lads had been “recovering” at the Winking Frog since 11a.m and after a cold beer with them, I stupidly suggested another game of cards and faster than you could say “that’s a really stupid idea, everyone go home and behave for once”, ice was procured, the esky was loaded, money was changed and we were into it again. Stacks came and went, fortunes ebbed and flowed and although Phil was struggling with even the basics ( ” ante up Phil for god’s sake ! “) he was soon looking like a Saudi Prince sitting on a pile of oil royalties. His stack actually looked like a small building but everyone was determined to knock it over. I left at 11pm having spent my limit but reports this morning confirm the rivers of oil dried up and Phil went home broke. I hope he made it into his apartment this time.Mark and Sindre played Guitar Hero until 4a.m and my wife came home at 3.30a.m and spent the night driving the big white bus.

A hilarious weekend and apparently to be repeated all over again next Saturday when Australia plays South Africa.

Mark…may as well hang onto the esky for a while ;-). Might even bring my nephew over….he is showing a penchants for Zorok;

Li'l Vichea in training ( his dad's idea NOT mine ! )

Li'l Vichea in training ( his dad's idea NOT mine ! )

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