Bogan Knievel

Anyone who doubts Aussies have the largest cajones in the world…..I present to you Robbie Maddison;

Tower Bridge,London

Tower Bridge,London



Upside down bogan

Upside down bogan

Video can be viewed here .

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9 Responses to Bogan Knievel

  1. Goyzer says:

    re ”largest cajones” insert ”least brain cells”….

  2. Goyzer says:

    thats called moving the Goalposts Garnett…..

  3. Goyzer me old mate…..if I was going to move the goalposts, it would only be to widen them so you limeys could actually get a ball through………………….

  4. Goyzer says:

    Damn it you got me again Garnett. I think I’ll go bake some scones and plan my monthly bath. You Aussies are legends !

  5. goyzer says:

    I’ll have you know that times are so tough in the UK now….it is bi-monthly.

  6. Goyzer says:

    I feel like a no-armed man playing you at tennis….. white flag officially raised.

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