Enduro Himalayas

For all the dirt bikers out there- this clip was made by my mate Nick Brunninghausen. It speaks for itself. Unbelievable ! Play it loud…………..


Way up in the sky life is very different, the faces and places you encounter will be unlike anywhere else on earth. The Himalayas are not for the faint hearted the mountains sheer magnitude is a test in itself, add to that the unpredictable weather, the constant risk of landslides, sudden border closures and route changes and you realise why this life experience doesn’t appeal to every biker.

If Enduro Himalayas doesn’t change your life it will certainly change the way you see life. Directed, Produced, Shot and Cut by Film Maker Nick Brunninghausen, this clip may help you to understand what we are talking about!

Contact nick@junglemedia.com.au for production enquiries.

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