Reviews ; 30 Rock / Dexter / The Shield

So what am I watching on the flat screen at the moment I hear my readers ask ?. Well, much to my entire family’s chagrin, three different series simultaneously. I figure if they can watch Korean soap operas all day ( and no….I don’t mean peaking through the venetians at the Korean neighbours ), then come 6pm….its Daddy Tv and that means;

30 Rock

This sitcom has some diverse characters and as a result some hilarious moments. Alec Baldwin as the shark like Head of GE’s Microwaves and TV Programming Division excels in comedy. Why he ever did drama is beyond me. Comedian Tracy Morgan plays Tracy Jordan, the $300m a year TV star with his entourage .Com and Griz ( two Giant bejewelled bodyguards ) .Tracy provides wild and unexpected moments and I have loved this guy ever since he did the voice for the Spoony Luv character in Crank Yankers. The delightfully naive and eager to please country bumpkin Kenneth is the lowly Page Boy yet seems to get involved in everything and then we have the neurotic liz Lemon and the overly blonde and ambitious Jenna Maroney. Watch for the classic episode where tracy pays $30m to go into space.


This show is brilliant. Featuring Michael C Hall as the main character Dexter , the show is dark and macabre with a great plot that not once jumps the shark ( i.e; loses itself). Dexter witnesses his own mothers murder when he is a boy and as a result is taken in by a stepfather who is a rogue cop who “takes out the garbage” -he kills the bad guys that escape conviction. The father in law teaches Dexter everything he knows and later in life when Dexter becomes a Blood Spatter Technician with the Miami police department, he is in the perfect position to moonlight as a voluminous serial killer. Every episode is brilliantly shot and narrated by Hall. What’s going through his head, what is driving him, what his fhears and hopes are etc etc. His apartment on the Miami foreshore it SWEEEEET and his sister is HOT.

The Shield

Heavily awarded and continually nominated for everything under the sun, I am only 5 episodes into The Shield and I LOVE IT. Michael Chiklis plays the brutish Vic who leads a team of dirty cops who take on all the tough assignments and kick down the doors no other cops wants to kick. In return, they are creating their own retirement funds by skimming huge amounts of cash, drugs etc from all their raids. They shoot crims who don’t play ball, break arms and legs and generally do whatever the hell they want…all to a heavy metal soundtrack. Can’t wait to watch more. This show really rocks.

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4 Responses to Reviews ; 30 Rock / Dexter / The Shield

  1. Kratzy says:

    Ahhhh 30 Rock… Great TV! We all know that chicken nuggets are the white man’s way of spreading HIV… My husband’s favourite TV show – so much so he bought me the DVDs for MY birthday – got to love him!

  2. goyzer says:

    mate, there is NOTHING after the Sopranos NOTHING, take it you have viewed?

  3. Simon Oliver says:

    If you mean you are on the first few episodes of The Shield – Season 1 then you are in for a treat. Drop the other two and get with Macky and his team!

    • Just about dusted season 1. The family are hating me right now. ” Just one more episode! ” Vic rocks. He actually has a good heart under that exterior but I just love the way he rolls into the Latin and black ‘hoods at full speed with no fear………..Just atched the one where he jams the Mexican drug lords face onto the stove top burner so its about to get real interesting.

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