There was a mouse in the house

Well….actually there were 4.

For weeks we have been sweeping up little turds which I actually thought were gecko crap. Then, late at night on visits to the bathroom, we started spying the little bugger(s) running out of corners and into the night.

$2 well spent at Lucky Lucky and the problem was mostly solved. The sticky plates don’t actually kill them so it was left to me to dispatch the furry little buggers. Looking at the two flat plates – how would you have done it ? You would have joined the Phnom Penh Philharmonic cymbal section right ?

Me too.

Anti Mouse Medicine

Anti Mouse Medicine

Easy to follow directions

Easy to follow directions

Pizza Anyone ?

Pizza Anyone ?

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2 Responses to There was a mouse in the house

  1. gavinmac says:

    Don’t they have proper mousetraps there? A little peanut butter in the trap works best.

  2. Traps aren’t as fun as paying cymbals…*splat*

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