Sleepwalking Through The Mekong

DVD Cover

DVD Cover

Last night Leakhana, Grace,Veasna, Danay and Billy ( the families mutt ) and I sat down with a good bowl of steaming hot pasta and a bottle of red and watched the much awaited and newly released documentary of LA Band Dengue Fever’s 2005 tour of Cambodia. What a ripper. The film is just a delight to watch from start to end with a brilliant cinematographic ( is that a word ? ) kaleidoscope of the band’s journey from the capital to the countryside all backed by their fantastic 60s psychedelic khmer surf music. There are also some great clips of life back in the Cambodian 60s  with well dressed hip young cats wigging out to the music of  icons Sin Sismouth and Ros Serey Sothea. They played some live gigs including one at Snowie’s Bar and one at Talking to a Stranger and the footage of these shows was a veritable who’s who of Phnom Penh including neighbour jeff.

Lead singer Chhom Nimol

Lead singer Chhom Nimol

Band members

Band members

All in all I give this a big 10/10.

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