Food Review ;Melaka Nynoya Kitchen


This is possibly one of the best cullinary finds in all of Phnom Penh. I love it so much I have eaten there 4 times in the last 2 weeks. This Singaporean restaurant is simple,clean,freindly and incredibly cheap. Although it is a bit of a hike for Riverside yuppies, it is WELL worth the trip over to Olympic Stadium – especially for a group night out.

Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken

I was first taken there by my mate Dj Dan.Three beefy lads ate a plate of pork satays (.35c each), two plates of the Steamed Hainanese Chicken ($2.80),One plate of baked chicken,a plate of Sinaporean noodles ($2.50), Roti Prata (.60c and DELICIOUS ) and several creme caramels and Tiger beers. The bill came to about $25 and we were all stuffed.

Singapore Noodles with prawns

Singapore Noodles with prawns

I then went back there for Fathers Day with my wife, her brother and our baby daughter who was swept away by the staff and looked after for an hour while we ate preyyt much the same thing all over again and I now basically eat the Hainanese Chicken ( steamed,sliced and served with some vegetables,rice and a soup ) every time I go. The other day I was so hungry I ate a half a Hainan chicken that would have fed three – $6.They also have a $2.20 lunch buffet which I think goes pretty quick and they are open from 7am – 10pm.

Roti Prata -  The bomb !

Roti Prata - The bomb !

Creme Caramels at $1 ? I'll take 10 thanks.

Creme Caramels at $1 ? I'll take 10 thanks.

An excellent, cheap restaurant that is well worth a try.

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