The New Ride

After weeks of (not really) trying, we finally sold the Airblade to an Irishman. We bought the bike brand new in October 2007  for $1700 and in the ensuing 20 months racked up 9999.9km . The bike was great and never gave us any problems however I decided that it was time to roll it over before it was worth nothing. Before I actually sold the bike I did some reconnaissance on the cost of new and slightly used bikes and the market here  has absolutely crashed. All the hundreds of bike shops in Phnom Penh have been left holding massive stocks as the cash in Cambodia has dried up and deals are to be had like never before.

I found one 2008 Yamaha 115cc Mio Auto (a bike I have always loved for its zippy styling and massive halogen headlights.The bike was black and had 500km on it and at $1200 I hoped Leakhana would like it as much as I did. I also looked at some Honda Dreams ( manual 125cc ) but I really hate manual scooters and all the gear changing required around Phnom Penh.

So today we went shopping for the wife’s new ride. I showed her the Mio which she definitely liked but she then said “let me call a guy we all know……he has his finger on every bike pulse in Cambodia”. She calls her man and we are soon meeting him over at Psar Olympic, We give him our wish list – Auto,white,low kms,Honda Click,Yamaha Mio or Honda Icon and he takes us to one shop with no luck.

“Can you wait a few days and I will find something ?” he asks.

” No…..I want a bike NOW” I reply.

He takes us to another shop across the road and a very nice lady listens to our wish list and our budget and says ” I have the perfect bike for you. And she did.Leakhana is now the pride owner of a brand spanking new 2008 Yamaha Mio 115cc Automatic in pearl white. The kniblets are still on the tyres and the bike is sweeeeeeeeet to ride.


Extras ;

Dual Air Horns ; $7

Custom Floor mat ; $3

Plastic covering; $10

If I don’t stop myself it will look like this fully tricked Mio;


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