My Korean neighbour is waging war

Last month I blogged about the arrival of my new neighbours, the Koreans. I was a little worried about what might be going on in the house. At any rate. I have an update for you and some of it is a little worrying;

Firstly, the 3 ( yes….3 ! ) older khmer cleaners are leaving this month after only one month’s work. They have taken to coming over to our kitchen window and chatting with Leakhana and Grace and apparently they are house bound 24/7 with no breaks. All they do is clean, no cooking as the Koreans dial-in every night.

Secondly, I have actually now met one of them, David. A very nice chap who is a “missionary”. When I asked him what business they were conducting in Cambodia he answered ” I don’t know, my uncle is the businessman . I don’t know what he does. ” I find that odd as the two men spend an inordinate amount of time sitting around in their underwear together.

Thirdly, I think David has mild Asperger’s syndrome or some mild form of metal affliction. He has a particularly odd      ( and hilarious ) habit. Last week I noticed him down outside on his haunches at the rear of the house swatting mosquitoes as they came out of the drainage vent. He must have stayed there intently for over an hour doing this. I told Leakhana to come have a look and she informs me he does it every day at least twice for an hour at a time. Then, yesterday afternoon before we went out for Father’s Day Dinner, we heard the ZAP ZAP of the mozzie bat right outside our living room window. A parting of the Venetian blinds had me in hysterics and reaching for my camera. Here is the proof;





Either he is a) Hopping mad in which case I am sure I will have more news in the future or b) Fighting malaria in which case……..carry on there old boy.

In another moment of oddity,I later saw David returning from the Russian Market with a huge model wooden 18th Century Battleship ???????

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5 Responses to My Korean neighbour is waging war

  1. humphrey says:

    Koreans are all mad…

  2. j.smith says:

    Some people might think that taking photos of your neighbours and spying on them is slightly strange behaviour……….

  3. Jeffrey says:


  4. J.Smith………The Koreans have defined spying. It is my duty to observe and report back…

  5. gavinmac says:

    I like the Korean updates. I think the neighborly thing to do would be to invite them over for dinner.

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