My First Father’s Day – Landscaping and Hainanese chicken

Yesterday morning I was on-site checking on one of my projects ( Sunday no less ! ) when I received an SMS from my wife ‘HAPPY FATHER’S DAY SWEETHEART, YOUR GIRLS LOVE YOU !’.

Struth – my first father’s day ! On arrival home I found a huge plate of bacon and eggs and fresh coffee waiting for me and of course a couple of kisses from my girls. Quite a special moment really. To have my wife and child are the greatest gift I could ever have received in my life.

Ok…now enough of the Hallmark moments. Back to work. It is Sunday after all. I guess there are two types of residents here in Phnom Penh. those that know they are only here for a short period / one year / two years etc and therefore live in a rented house with obligatory supplied crappy furniture, no garden and these people just treat the place as somewhere to sleep and drink beer with no desire to pimp the pad. Then there are those that know they are in Cambodia for the longer haul and want to make their home their castle and so are constantly improving their abode. I fall into the latter category – albeit with the sleeping and drinking beer components of group one.

I actually love doing household renovation projects and odd jobs. Back home in Australia where I own a 1950s timber house, I did almost all the new treated pine paling fences ( after my bro-in-law gave me a 101 fencing class ) and a beautiful hardwood deck all by myself. I painted the entire interior and exterior of the house ,ripped out old cupboards , polished floorboards and landscaped the entire garden. Unfortunately I can only do so much here in Cambodia to my rental property but little things give me joy.

The deck that I built ON MY OWN !

The deck that I built ON MY OWN !

Phnom Penh has been so bloody hot during the day lately that I decided to tweak the bamboo trellis I  erected last week. I grabbed Veasna ( the kid watches far too much TV and loves to get out of the house when he can ) and we drove down to Takmeo to buy some bamboo slatted mats that families use to sit on and motodops make beds out of. They cost about $4 each and we bought 4 of them and a bag of zip ties. Two hours, some help from my trust apprenctice and 4 Zoroks later we had achieved this ;

Voila - The luxury Bali Villa look.

Voila - The luxury Bali Villa look.

Total cost of trellis thus far ; $29. ( $32 if you include the beer).

Gorgeous Girls

Gorgeous Girls

After all that hot sweaty work, I was super hungry so we all showered and headed out for Daddy Day Dinner. Grace wore her best Peter Rabbit dress which Roz gave her and Leakhana looked might fine in her Audrey Hepburn cocktail dress that Camille brought in from LA. We went to the restaurant that Dan had taken me to last Friday night an noshed heavily on Hainanese Chicken (3 plates -it’s my favourite food in the world ),Singapore noodles,Roti and Satays.We quaffed 4 Tigers and some crème caramels and the bill came to $19. The place is an amazing find and is now firmly on the list. ( thanks Dan ! ).

We thought briefly about going to Cadillac for a drink but with full bellies, sunburn and 0 energy, it was home to a bit of telly and then into slumberland.

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