A little bit of landscaping

After some brainstorming ( read ; drinking beer in the afternoons and looking to the skies ) on how I could provide some shade out the front of The Compound during next year’s hot season, I came up with what I think is a pretty sweet solution. My ideas all kept coming back to bamboo for its durability, cost and most importantly, aesthetics. Problem is, I looked high and low for the thick, 7 metre lengths required for the job but just cold not find any.

Then I visited Murray’s new school that is under construction and noticed the whopping great big lengths of bamboo being used for scaffolding and after a quick chat with the old lady running the job, it was agreed I could purchase some at a knock down price in a few more weeks. So the other day I borrowed my mechanic’s truck and went and picked up 9 lengths ( cost ; $9 ) and then went by the hardware shop for a ladder ( $30) and some wire (5000r). Two hours of blood ( razor wire cuts ), sweat ( n0 breeze) and alot of swearing later, we now have a nice bamboo trellis for the bougainvillea to spread over. Not bad !




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2 Responses to A little bit of landscaping

  1. humphrey says:

    Warning warning
    Remove rocks from head before planting bouganvillea.
    You will create a monster that requires savage pruning often,you will get spiked when pruning and worst of all you will have a plant that drops crap everywhere.
    Better off with almost anything else,melons or pumpkins are great cover.
    I do have the bible here ex bangkok airport bookshop-A field guide to tropical plants of asia.
    Numerous beautiful vines available,dont have khmer names but have pictures aplenty.
    Jasmines would be my choice,beautiful fragrance at night.

    • Warning warning. Old man should to think about putting Bougainvillea in SMALL POTS which contains growth šŸ˜‰ My razor wire is a bigger problem than my bogan. I like jasmine but its not as hearty as B. Listen to us will you………………..sheeesh.

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