Tra’s new ink


Tra has been busy visiting Sihanoukeville’s Sinville Tattoo to get his sleeve done and I must say it is coming along nicely. Options for tattooing in Cambodia are very limited. You may remember I took my friend Tee to a local Phnom Penh parlour where despite my warnings and advice not to proceed ( poor quality equipment and risk of HEP, HIV etc ) she did. The result was ok but not world class. There is a Singaporean guy who does tats in his little parlour down a lane way in PP and then there is Mark down in Sihanoukeville. Tra has had some kites and the names of his Phalla,Vichea and his mother and father done on is arm.

All up it will cost around $300 and he will make 3 or 4 visits. He tells me all his friends where he works are now getting yakuza style tattoos. Full sleeves and almost to the button line of the stomach. Dare say Tra will be following suit as I know how addictive the ink is. I will wait to see the final job and then may make a journey to Snooky myself.

tratat (4)

tratat (7)

tratat (5)

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1 Response to Tra’s new ink

  1. Simon Oliver says:

    Maybe he should get some of these and save some money 🙂

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