….and i finally get to drive my RC.

Hmmmm..something isn't right.

Hmmmm..something isn't right.

About 6 months ago ( maybe more) I bought a Remote Control Truck and some spare battery packs on eBay thinking it would be a fun way to spend some time. The truck and battery packs duly arrived and when I opened it up expecting it to be ready to roll, I found that the guy who had sold it to me had chaged the itnernal battery connection plugs to some heavy duty ones and they were not compatible with the new battery packs I had bought. AND there was no charger !

So I joined an online Hobby Store in the US, ordered some plugs and a charger and then waited like a kid on Christmas Eve for the next 2 months for the order to arrive. Off to my little soldering man near Psar kandal who changed all the plugs over and then home to charge up the batteries. By this time I am salivating as I am ( I hope ) about an hour off running the car ! I plug the charger on, the blue charge light goes on and about 10 seconds later………POOF….the charger blows up ,starts smoking and the smell is awful. I am crestfallen but not beaten just yet .

The magic man

The magic man

I return to my man at the market and he explains I have tried to use a 110volt charger in the 220volt Cambodian power system. OOPS. Anyways, imagine my surprise when he says come back at 3.oopm and for $5  I will rewire the charger for 22ov. Fantastic. I go have a cold beer and arrived back at 3.00pm to find him putting the charger back together bang on time. I then rush home and charge the batteries up and lo and behold……

We have lift-off ! The car goes like a rocket ( top speed is 35kmh ) and goes over just about anything.  Can’t wait to get it to the park on the weekend .



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