Those pesky ( north ) koreans

A bunch of boffins have used Google Earth to get satellite image of ONE of Kim Jong s(Il)ly’s palaces.The palace housing dictator Kim Jong s(Il)ly and his inner circle, clearly shown on the maps, contain Olympic-size swimming pools with giant water slides and golf courses.Check this baby out ;



How can you be ronery in a crib like that ?

How can you be ronery in a crib like that ?

Now THAT is a Compound !

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2 Responses to Those pesky ( north ) koreans

  1. Starving Pelican says:


    I believe those bodies of water are lakes, not swimming pools, unless Dear Leader likes swimming in algae-green poo water. And where are the water slides?


    A concerned Pelican

    • SP, I gave visions of that compound being just like the Thunderbirds HQ. The whole lake slides back and Kim can launch a few missiles at will. Either that or its like Cheech and Chong’s house and Kim is financing his regime by growing dope under the lakes which are really just reflective material …………. The Pen.

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