Those Pesky Koreans

kim ronery

It’s bad enough that the North Koreans are launching missiles all over the place whilst systematically starving the peasants and swilling Hennessey at the same time.

Now….they are living next-bloody-door !

The villa next door is finally finished after one year of persistent noise and annoyance ( after being told “3 months” when we signed our lease ) and do you think they owner even had a party ? Nope. The Koreans arrived the day after it was finished and are now a potential whole new threat to my sanity.

a) Our living windows are opposite each other and as we have no dividing wall between us, if we open our Venetian slats during the day we can see them all huddling around the coffee table wearing underwear and chain smoking. No biggy. I have come up with an ideal solution and will soon dark tint the windows to half height.

More worryingly;

B )Apparently, the villa has been rented for business purposes and they are here to grow rubber however when I look down into their downstairs office at night, I can see two of them sitting at their desks playing what looks like war games on their PCs ! Lots of digital counters and planes whizzing around etc.

Growing rubber my arse. I think next door is now Mission Central !!

Stay tuned…………

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1 Response to Those Pesky Koreans

  1. Lionel says:

    Beware when you smell the first BBQ.. woof woof will be on the menu ol’ boy!

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