What you looking at Willis ?


Just to add to my never ending list of recent physical woes, I now have a mystery virus that has turned my bottom lip into a banana look alike. About two weeks ago it felt like I had a small blind pimple in the middle of it and it kept growing and growing and growing until it almost split in half yesterday.So not is is daily doses of Tylenol for the pain, anti-biotics ( I now have swollen neck glands so the self-medicating doctor in me is saying virus ) and generous application of Lucas’ Paw Paw ointment to keep it from peeling off. last night I had a fever of 103 and spent the night tripping in bed.

The worst part ?

I can’t kiss my wife and I can’t drink beer without it dribbling out both corners of my mouth and all over me !

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3 Responses to What you looking at Willis ?

  1. BC says:

    Ummm, this looks like it’s about the right time to try out one of those doctor types we’ve all heard about? 😛

  2. cambtek says:

    Yeah yeah thats the before photo,what does it look like now its swollen?

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