The New Phnom Pen

Without going into great detail, I recently neglected to renew my domain name although in my defence, Google Domains sent me not so much as a reminder. I logged into my blog about 2 weeks ago to find that I could not ad,edit or delete any of my posts and I had lost about 5 of the latest stories. Some investigating showed that some arsehole scumbag Real Estate Agent in Minneapolis ( the shit hole of the Universe ) had quickly snapped up my domain name because I had good traffic stats and he is now using my OLD OLD blog to divert traffic to his various enterprises.I contacted him with a reasonable offer of compensation but…no…this shit head is keeping my domain name.

Jeff Lundquist - One greasy little dipshit

Jeff Lundquist - One greasy little dipshit

Jeff Lundquist – you are a pole smoker of the highest order but your time is coming mate.

So…to all my readers out there, remove from your bookmarks and bookmark this page instead. I have registered another custom domain name and I promise more of the same dazzling content.

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2 Responses to The New Phnom Pen

  1. Rob Carry says:

    I was wondering what happened with the old site – I was checking back for updates every now and again but had come to the conclusion thought you had given up blogging! Stealing your domain name – bang out of order!

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