RIP Stuart Pinker

This morning around 3.30am my phone started ringing off the hook. In a dazed state I turned it off thinking it might have have been someone from overseas getting the time difference wrong. Unfortunately, the truth was far worse. On waking up, I discovered some 20 missed calls and several text messages between 3 and 5 am

My very good friend Stuart Pinker has passed away early this morning.

A kiwi,Stuart was a good mate and a very smart guy who constantly challenged the way we all thought about things and looked at the world. Ever the optimist, he was about to start out on a new business venture which I believe would have been very successful with Stu at the helm. A motorbike enthusiast, he had recently completed a Harley tour around the Tonle Sap lake and was always to be seen ripping around town on his retro motorbike and for a while there we both owned Airblade scooters and would talk about pimping them out.

Stuart is survived by a son in Pretoria, South Africa and family in New Zealand.

He will be sorely missed by his closest mates here and Phnom Penh’s expat circle will be less interesting without him.

Haere ki to kainga

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9 Responses to RIP Stuart Pinker

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry to hear about Stuart. My name is Lyn and I was his girlfriend in New Zealand before he went to South Africa. I did go over to South Africa and visit Stuart and had a wonderful trip. He lived life on the edge and to the max. He lived life the way he wanted to hard and fast and would give anything a go and try anything. He will be missed.

    Lyn (Gold Coast Aust)

  2. Hamish says:

    Just so hard to believe and very very sadly missed. The first books Stu gave me say it all – War of the Flea (the art of guerrilla warfare), Chickenhawk (heli-pilot at war) and No one gets out alive (Jim Morrison) – loved his passion and take no prisoners approach.

    Looks like he’ll never take that bike trip to buy daimonds in Nambia that we discussed 25 years ago as he is in a different kaupapa now. In spirit mate …

  3. David says:

    Stuart and I were at high school together and somehow, chalk and cheese that we were, we became best mates, heck he even asked me to be his best man when he got married to Kathy in 1980(?).
    We met up again in London in ’84 and straightaway I was invited into the flat in West Hampstead. Those were exciting times with things like Live Aid and other gigs going on. Apart from a forced stop-over for some months in a French jail, he was enjoying life. Getting on a bicycle for a bit of mountain biking and as a courier, before moving on as a motorcycle courier (his first motorbike?) seemed to help him get settled again, if settled was a word you could ever use to describe Stuart. A funny thing, I got my first motorbike about the time Stuart died last year, although I didn’t hear of his death ’til early ’10. I think of him when I go riding.

    I went back to NZ late ’86 and after I next saw him again in London around 88/89, it was clear that our interests had diverged somewhat. I last visited him around 03/04 when he was living north of Auckland and while he was polite, it was clear that our friendship had had it’s day.

    The things I remember most about him are the high school laughs, the London days, and as so many have mentioned, his irreverence and insights into life.

    It’s great to read that he continued to make good friends and build into other’s lives. Can’t say I’ve met anyone else quite like him in my years on the planet. He was special.

  4. Rob Leslie says:

    I first met Stuart in London in 1985, we were both motorcycle couriers together. He was a character then and continued to be so for the next 24 years. A little like marmite you either liked him or loathed him, I was of the former.

    I found out today that he had passed away, I have recently moved to Australia and was trying to catch up with him. Staurt stayed true to his beliefs and ideals even when those around him wanted to move on and for that he has my greatest respect.

    Over the years I met all of Stuart’s family apart from his son although he sent me some pictures, one day if I ever meet Seran I will take the chance to tell him what a man his father was. In true Bladerunner style he has proved that the brightest lights burn briefly.

    RIP Stuart, next time I am in London I’ll have a pint at the Warrington in your memory


  5. Cheers Rob ! I can’t think of why anyone wold loathe Stuey ! He was a good guy….

  6. Cheers Rob ! I can’t think of why anyone would loathe Stuey ! He was a good guy….

  7. Chris says:

    Just found out via Rob that Stuart has sadly gone – Despite having not seen him for a few years I am truly shocked.

    I bumped into Stuart in the 1980’s in London

    A brilliant character who lived life to the full. He wasn’t afraid to tell it how it was and I have always respected him for that. I loved his sense of humour and his 100% commitment to life and work.

    He was in London a few years ago and we caught up on the years past.

    My thoughts go out to his family & friends.

    Stuart – RIP

  8. sandra m says:

    Hi my name is Sandra and for some reason Stuart recently came to mind so I googled him only to find he had passed away. I was a Customs Officer in Palmerston North with Stuart 30 years ago. God those really were the days and I remember playing endless games of 500 with Stuart and the Customs crew. He was so very passionate about the Springbok tour in 1981 and used to generate very robust debate in the tea room! In my 21st album (28 years ago) Stuart signed it Stuart not long to go Pinker. From memory him and Kathy were moving overseas hence the “not long to go”.
    Love you Stuart

  9. Joanne says:

    Hello to Family and friends. I knew Stuart when he was with Kathy Hart. I was married to his older brother Lindsay. I am deeply sorry to hear of Stuart’s passing.
    Regards, Joanne

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