Red Fox Poker and Swine Flu paranoia

“What are you looking at ?

Saturday night ( having slept all day ) brought the Red Fox weekly Poker tournament and as I left home at 5.45pm I was sure I was not going to make it over to the river before the skies opened. Everywhere above me was the darkest of grey and I was just waiting for the tell tale splotches of beer can sized rain drops. Luckily – I made it with about a minute to spare !.

All the regulars were there and as I was a little late, I found myself in the upstairs room and just after we started playing, Keith burst in and with a ” Excuse me for what i am about to do..” declaration, he donned a flu mask . Apparently his Khmer girlfriend has Pig Swine paranoia and insisted he wear it.

The laughter put me off my poker for a little bit but in the end some 6 hours later I was $105 richer having taken a second place out of 16 players. Stoked !

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