Woin and Cheese Noit

Two Champion Aussie Woin tasters.
Go the double fist !!
“The other one is for my husband !”.

On the last Wednesday of every month the Intercontinental holds it’s wine and cheese night and what a pearler it is too. For the moderate sum of $20 per head you can swill wines from Australia, New Zealand, Italy,Chile,France,South Africa etc whilst eating from the most glorious cheese platter. Leakhana and I headed along with Paul,Derek and Wendy and a few others and it really was a fine 3 hours. I had the most interesting conversation with yet another one of those very interesting random people that you can meet in Cambodia viz;

Me ; ” So what do you do?”
Him; “I have a private Forensics consultancy in the US”
Me; ” Oh I love CSI. Are you like Grisham ?”
Him; “No..I am do financial forensics”
Me; “That sounds interesting. So you are a ledger sniffer ?”
Him “Yeah basically…..”
Me; ” So what are you sniffing a at the moment…”
Him ; ” Well..I am looking after 5 ex-clients of Bernie Madoff’s !!”

This chap then went on to tell me some of the most amazing little tidbits about how big bad Bernie managed to swindle billions out of Americas richest people….all over a promiscuous little Zinfandel from Cape Town.

I love this town.

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