One very busy weekend

Thursday night ; EDEN POKER. The best news ? I WON ! Taking down about 18 of PPs finest players over a 6 hour time span, I pocketed $180 and then went over to Heart of Darkness to meet Leakhana and blow half of it. Running into Teemu and Luke ( my monthly poker
partners ) and buying them drinks with winnings was also particularly enjoyable.

Saturday; ANZAC DAY. All good intentions of attending the dawn ceremony went out the window in favour of a good nights sleep as the next day I was part of the ABAC team organising the big evening BBQ . After a few beers at the Winking Frog mid afternoon, we hit Talking To A Stranger and the crowds soon started rolling in. Luckily i was so busy on the door taking tickets that I barely drank and after a rousing game of two-up some of us headed over to Rupert and Bessie’s farewell night which was a great party. Lots of Salsa music ( Bessy is Honduran ) and new friends to be made. Ended up leaving the moto there as I managed to take on a few beers finally.

Sunday; Over to the family apartment to eat and play with the kids and then home around 4pm to finally relax.


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