Screwing everything in sight…

Get your mind out of the gutter you lot !

One thing I personally believe every household should have in it is a power drill. I had to borrow Murray’s Bosch when I last hung photos in The Compound and as his has now blown up, I decided that as Veasna’s birthday photos needed hanging and I have various other small projects in mind it was time to invest in my own.

A quick phone call to Murray informed me I needed to search out a maktec ( made by Makita ) as they are the only reliable drill in the country. So I headed off to Russian Market and again, the way vendors do business here amazed me.

First Shop; They only had new 10mm/non-hammer maktecs for $43 and would not even talk discounting. Warranty ? No..sorry.

Second Shop; They told me thay had new 10mm/non-hammer maktecs and then proceeded trip over all manner of dismantled power tools before bringing out 2 second hand maktecs. There was one fairly decent looking one which I plugged in and when I head it operate I started to worry these smaller drills might not have quite enough punch for serious screwing ( despite the fact moist khmer walls are softer than Camembert cheese ). He wanted $18. I offered $15. He accepted but no warranty. I told him I might come back.

Third Shop; I spied a very neat,orderly and large hardware shop on the NW corner of the market and lo and behold they had brand new 13mm maktec hammer drills. They asked $46. I offered $40. We settled on $43 with a 3 month warranty card and for an extra $7 I got a set of timber/masonry and metal screw bits as well as a phillips head and flat head screw bit.

So, Like I said, I am now prepared for some major screwing. First order of the day ;

Jeff’s safety gate to stop Aliyah going upstairs.


Veasna’s photo boards
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