Leakhana’s new iTurd phone

Looks like and Apple iPhone………

On Saturday Leakhana and Veasna took of for Central Market and on the list were some new school pants for Veasna, some silk to make a new traditional Khmer New year dress for Leakhana and some flip flops for me. So imagine my surprise when my wife arrived home with all of the above and a brand new 8GB Apple Touch Phone to boot! At a cost of just $120!

Now, bearing in mind we just swapped out her old Nokia for a new Nokia only a month ago and it cost me $100, I had to keep a cap on my ire. We were running low on cash for New Year (an expensive time for anyone involved with a Khmer family) and I had told my wife to be tight with our cash. So …yeah…seeing the Apple come out its box irked me somewhat though $120 was a bargain for this phone. Or was it?On closer inspection, it seems that whilst the Apple Touch Phone was branded with the Apple logo, it is actually a “Peaktel” phone straight out of China. Now, to be fair, Leakhana did know this but like many others, she was seduced by the sleek, shiny design and the touch screen functionality of the unit despite its non…er….Appleness. As a life user of Nokia phones, this defection was a big deal for Leakhana and my anger at her impulse shopping soon subsided as she explained she really just wanted to learn about new technology. Who can argue with that? Besides, I find it very hard to get mad with my wife.

The box says it’s an iPhone….

So, being interested in new technologies myself, I quickly scoped up the phone and went into touchy-feely-test-the-functions mode. Within about 5 minutes I had made my informed opinion. This phone truly sucked the big one. For a start you just about have to punch the screen for the desired function to occur. Secondly, on opening a new SMS message, you are automatically in Chinese and have to scroll through the languages to select English. Every time! Going to the manual doesn’t help (yes…believe it or not I DO occasionally use a manual) because it is brief in the extreme. My prediction to my wife “You will be trading this phone back to a Nokia within a month” and I from then on referred to the item as “that Chinese piece of crap”.

Hang on a sec….what’s this “Peaktel” in the manual ?

Later that night Leakhana joined me as I finished up playing the Poker Tournament at The Red Fox ( a respectable 5th out of 18 ) and as we retired to a bar for a beer I asked her “ so how is that Chinese piece of crap going anyway?”.Her automatic and strong reply ? “ I HATE THE BLOODY THING!” We both had a good laugh and it is back to the phone shop we go.

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1 Response to Leakhana’s new iTurd phone

  1. Goyzer! says:

    But Jusi, any man that comes into $100,000 surely wouldnt begrudge his missus a new dog and bone…..?

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